1: Teacher of the Year 2015

Teachers, books and classrooms have been at the heart of education for centuries. The disruption of this model is transforming the way education is delivered. Technology has opened up new ways to capture and convey information that are far more interactive than books. The four […]

2: The Future of Teaching

In order to pursue her master’s degree ten years after she earned her bachelor’s degree in finance and business management, Trinity Kerr has had to reduce her workload. “The reduction in work hours is challenging because of the change in income,” she said. “The larger […]

3: Rethinking Intelligence

As technology enables humans to collaborate in new ways, new opportunities to define and measure intelligence are emerging. Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD, is one of the leading voices paving the way.   Kaufman is Scientific Director of the Imagination Institute at the Positive Psychology Center […]

4: The Importance of Grit

What is it that makes a student successful? Tests scores, of course, have become the ultimate sign of academic success. Standardized tests serve a purpose—measuring students and teacher alike in a way that paints a picture of progress without requiring the expensive, time-consuming and superhuman […]

5: What Technology Wants

The conversation about the future of education is often dominated by the fear that technology will replace face-to-face learning and interaction. A chaotic array of learning tools have become available, leaving educators confused about which way to turn in teaching kids to collaborate with technology, […]

6: Building Blocks of Imagination

Lots of parents want to know: Is my kid playing too much Minecraft? In 2014, when Microsoft announced that it was buying Minecraft for 2.5 billion, people perked up. Minecraft is a sandbox construction game created by Mojang AB founder Markus Persson, and inspired by […]

7: Learning At the Speed of Light

In the near future, the power to learn and adapt quickly will be a job seeker’s most valuable bargaining chip. Companies, and workers, need to get ready. The jobs of the future, increasingly, do not yet exist. C-Suite Jobs of the Future in Fast Company envisions […]

8: Backlash

The traditional format of higher education was the best we could do at the time, but times have changed since Plato’s Academy. Not everyone agrees that this is a good development. A couple of years ago, as popularity for the concept of competency-based education was […]

9: How to Captivate An Audience

Joe Tankersley spent 19 years as an Imagineer at Disney before he recently left to create his own foresight business. Much of his career at Disney was spent creating immersive experiences at Epcot, for example, designed to teach people about health and safety, financial literacy […]

10: Curiouser and Curiouser

Imagine a bunch of Hollywood screenwriters arguing with a group of PhDs about the contents of an immersive science game for kids. It needs to be exciting, the writers insist, to grip the audience with a compelling story. Okay, the scientists nod, but it also […]

11: Diverse Skills

With an increased focus on global citizenship and diversity in the workplace (this talk at the Clinton Global Initiative with Xerox CEO Ursula Burns puts a fine point on the topic), students need to be prepared to contend with reality. This means that in addition […]

12: Empathy: How to Be Human

As education formats change, what’s being taught is also undergoing a transformation. Some educators are focusing on more personal skills such as financial literacy that have a huge impact not only on individual lives but society. Others are looking to changes in the business landscape and world […]